Mount Hope

Christian Academy




The student will: 

  • Recognize name, sound, and pictures of consonants
  • Recognize name, sound, and pictures of short and long vowels
  • Demonstrate beginning phonological and literacy awareness (PALs assessment), i.e. rhyme, beginning sounds
  • Demonstrate print and word awareness
  • Identify language concepts, i.e.  big/small; cold/hot; yes/no; first/last
  • Recognize name, sound, and picture of long and short vowels and consonants 
  • Identify basic blends and one and two-vowel words 
  • Read sentences and stories with one-and two vowel words


The student will: 

  • Form (manuscript) letters and numbers correctly
  • Use appropriate spacing


The student will: 

  • Recognize and count numbers to 100 
  • Understand number concepts 1-20 
  • Number recognition and counting 1–100 
  • Identify basic shape
  • Add basic facts, i.e. “a number +1”


The student will: 

  • Demonstrate correct pencil grip
  • Demonstrate hand-eye coordination (drawing, coloring, cutting, and gluing)
  • Exhibit age-appropriate gross motor skills - running, walking, hopping


The student will: 

  • Participate in class activities
  • Follow class rules and basic directions
  • Display age-appropriate listening skills


The student will: 

  • Participate in Bible activities (stories, activities, verses, participation, etc.)
  • Identify colors
  • Participate in music, physical education (P.E), technology activities
  • Demonstrate good attendance (present, tardy, absent)


8am - 12pm

Teachers use observations, checklists, Abeka assessments, comprehension conversations with learners, and performance activities to assess learner growth and achievement.  Report cards are issued quarterly - each 9 weeks.  Parents are encouraged to attend parent-teacher conferences.  Should you have questions about your child’s progress, please contact your child’s teacher to arrange an appointment.


12pm - 3pm 

Included in a preschooler’s tuition is the option to remain at MHCA until 3:00 daily.   From noon until 3:00 p.m., students have a daily nap time and are engaged in play as well as special activities.

Parents can register preschool students for our before and after school programs.  For more information, please see the Before and After school program options..




At Mount Hope Christian Academy, we envision our learners as leaders and innovators of tomorrow.  As such, our goal is to ensure that our learners have an early, strong foundation, both academically and in the Word.   


Serving as our main curriculum, the Abeka curriculum “combines solid academics with biblical principles so that children are best prepared for learning and life”.


The Abeka curriculum is used in grades PreK-3, PreK-4, and PreK-5.  Students receive instruction in the following areas as part of the Abeka curriculum.

●      Biblical principles

●      Literacy - Language Arts

●      Numeracy - Math Skills

●      Motor Skills Development

●      Creativity Development


In addition to the Abeka program, teachers also utilize resources from Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Literacy (Pre-K4) and the Virginia Standards of Learning (Kindergarten - SOLs).


Along with Abeka assessments, MHCA also uses information from PALS, Virginia’s Phonological Awareness Literacy Screener, in PreK-4 and PreK-5.   PALS is the state-provided screening tool for Virginia’s Early Intervention Reading Initiative (EIRI). The purpose of the EIRI is to reduce the number of children with reading problems through early diagnosis and immediate intervention.